Hydro Glass Washer

Delfin TS2100 Tall Glass Washer is ideal for longer glasses or beer glasses with handles. HACCP approved for cleaning & rinsing in one sink. Because glasses are washed & rinsed in cold water they are immediately ready for use. 4 suction feet keep unit stable and with its rounded casing, no sharp edges to worry about.
Save with this glass washer system made by Delfin up to 70% water! This glass washer system requires only a sink and offers you the possibility on the one hand to wash your glasses with soap and on the other hand to rinse the glasses with cold water off. Both options are separated from each other. Moreover this glass washer stands very stable because the four suction cups are very strong. Finally it can be used in all common sinks and has a 1/4 inch connection.
Due to the rhombuses likely shape, all regular and large glasses with handleup to one litre can be rinsed. Furthermore this casing is equipped with adirt-repellant surface and the telescope-rinser includes a cloche which is rubberishedfor protecting the glasse´s rim. Thereby the brush can be easily removed,replaced and cleaned because it is provided with a bayonet closure. The overflowis triangular shaped and is fixed in the casing´s corner. It can be easily removedand the rinsing container can be easily depleted.
The telescope-rinser is totally retractable, so that the glasses will be totally,inside and outside rinsed with cold water. Straightaway you can take the glassesfor the next order. Stop thinking about dirty glass washer because this glass washer systemTS 2100 stands on a rounded-off casing with an encapsulated bottom whereby thewater supply is 360° rotatable.
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