12 x Elite Premium Polycarbonate Reusable Margarita Glass 12oz

76.80 ex.VAT - 94.46 inc.VAT

Margarita Glasses are classic cocktail glasses. The Premium Polycarbonate Margarita Glass is perfect for both outdoor and indoor events, it brings a level of elegance without worrying about broken glass.

The glass would make an eye-catching addition to any catering and hospitality glassware collection. Ideal for Margaritas, the glass can also be used for other drinks such as serving Manhattans or a Daiquiris. With a long stem that’s easy to hold, it allows the drinker to keep their hands away from the bowl, keeping the drink cool. The glass holds 12oz and measures 169 x 84 x 119mm.

Margarita glasses and glasses in general aren’t always ideal in situations where breaking and dropping are high, making this plastic glass a great alternative. It can be reused and stored with other glasses, and is glasswasher safe, therefore making it easy to clean after each use.

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