24 x Chef & Sommelier Cabernet Tulip 35cl

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Add a modern and stylish twist to your bar, restaurant or event services, with these 35cl Cabernet Sauvignon wine glasses from Chef & Sommelier. These wine glasses are constructed from advanced, Kwarx glass that boast excellent resistance to scratches, chips and thermal shock. This provides you with high-quality and long-lasting glassware that can be used over and over, without the worry of losing clarity or quality – perfect for use during commercial services.

Crafted with a wide and flat base, these wine glasses offer excellent stability on any table top – helping to reduce the risk of spillages or damaged glassware.

The wine glasses feature an elegant, tall construction that help to highlight the rich and bold tones of your red wine. This helps to add that special touch to your service and give your guests a premium experience that will keep them coming back.

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