24 x Arcoroc Mineral Wine Glass 35cl

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Arcoroc Mineral Wine Glasses are a premium collection of alluring and durable glassware. Created to enhance the drinker’s experience, these glasses are stylish, practical and durable.

Arcoroc wine glasses feature Sheer Rim Technology which ensures a premium finish without compromising strength and performance. Indeed, Arcoroc Mineral Wine Glasses look superb and are sure to impress guests with their fine rim and balanced design.

Arcoroc Mineral Wine Glasses are flame polished which ensures lasting shine and eye-catching sparkle.

The contemporary bowl shapes of Arcoroc Mineral glasses are particularly alluring and pleasing to the eye. Not only aesthetically attractive, these bowls also improve oxygenation of the wine and enhance the drinking experience.

These Arcoroc Mineral Glasses are dishwasher safe, strong and resilient which makes them ideal for commercial use.

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