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12 x Arc Glass Jug 0.5Ltr

39.60 ex.VAT - 48.71 inc.VAT

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1 x Pichet Jug 25cl

6.10 ex.VAT - 7.50 inc.VAT

This Pichet Water Jug from Arcoroc is perfect for adding water carefully to your whiskey.

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Spirit Measure Drip Tray Round

12.00 ex.VAT - 14.76 inc.VAT

Keep your spirit measures in one place with this little drip tray from Beaumont. This small stainless steel tray allows you to store your spirit measures upside down without drips becoming a problem. Once you’ve measured a spirit, just rinse with clean water and pop back on the tray to avoid a sticky back bar.

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6 x Arcoroc Glass Jugs 1Ltr

28.50 ex.VAT - 35.06 inc.VAT

Looking for an easy way to serve water, soft drinks or cocktails? Then the 1Ltr glass jugs from Arcoroc are exactly what you need. Their ergonomic handles make it easy and comfortable for staff to transport and pour drinks securely.

Plus, their wide spouts are able to fill guests’ glasses quickly and accurately. This makes them ideal for use with buffets or table services where they can be used to top-up drinks without spills.

And the reinforced band helps to minimise breakages during use or cleaning.

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12 x Túath Whiskey Glass

82.00 ex.VAT - 100.86 inc.VAT

The TÚATH glass is a conical shaped nosing and tasting glass for whiskey that functions superbly by concentrating & capturing all the aromas and flavours that make Irish Whiskey unique.

The generosity of Irish spirit is reflected in the enhanced chamber capacity delivering a more generous drinking experience.

The beautiful contemporary stem was inspired by the iconic Irish landmark of Skellig Michael

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6x Stölzle Soho Martini 25cl

48.77 ex.VAT - 59.99 inc.VAT

The Soho collection of Stolzle glassware excludes contemporary style, helping to take your drinks and cocktails to new heights. This glass boasts a durable crystal design, which provides excellent clarity. It features debossed cut lines and a sheer rim.

The textured surface of this glass elevates the presentation of any drink, making it perfect for upscale bars and restaurants. The glass is ideal for serving signature cocktails and champagne.


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Arcoroc Monti Cocktail Glasses 27cl (Box of 12)

74.97 ex.VAT - 92.21 inc.VAT

If you love vintage stylings, the Monti glasses are a fantastic option to explore. While they do capture that look of past eras, this collection is still contemporary enough to fit in with modern bars and dining spaces. These pieces are elegant, featuring a diamond point design worked into the stem, with refined bowls that leave plenty of room for cocktails and garnishes.

These Monti glassware collection is perfect for classic cocktail favourites from martinis, Manhanttans, and gin and tonics, to exotic recipes and even champagne cocktails.

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Wooden Cocktail Stirrer 6″ (15cm) Box of 250

9.69 ex.VAT - 11.92 inc.VAT

Part of Utopia’s Green Earth collection, this 6″ Wooden Stirrer is an ideal way to replace single use plastic.

With so much attention currently being cast on the improper disposal of single use plastics and their effects on the environment, these wooden drinks stirrers are a fantastic green alternative. The long handle and rounded head make them particularalyeffective at stirring cocktails with ice and garnishes, in turn releasing flavour. However, the durable wood is also perfect for hot drinks like coffee and tea, as well as fruit punches and more!

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