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Arcoroc Irish Coffee Glasses 10oz/290ml (Set of 12)

44.99 Exc Vat

What would the perfect Irish Coffee be without the perfect glass? The Arcoroc glass Irish Coffee is the companion to serve coffee hot. Also perfect for serving hot whiskey, hot port and mulled wine. Attractive and fully toughened glass with exceptional durability.

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Arcoroc Hot Shot Glasses 35.5ml (24)

28.52 Exc Vat

The clever design of the Hot Shot range makes these a reliable universal bar essential. Perfect for busy bars, this range can withstand a bit of rough and tumble, they’re also nestable to save space.

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Arcoroc Norvege Tumblers 20cl/7oz (Pack of 12)

13.00 Exc Vat

Stackable and durable tumblers made from fully toughened glass for extra safey and strength. Perfect for busy, high-volume bars and pubs.

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Stainless Steel Wine Measure 175ml

6.75 Exc Vat

Ensure consistent wine or spirit servings with Beaumont’s 175ml measure. CE marked for industry-standard accuracy, the measurer makes it quick and easy for your staff to dispense the required amount of spirit or wine.  Not only does this help to provide consistent servings, but also to reduce overfilling that can become costly over time.

And as it’s made from stainless steel, the measure is durable to impact, rust or corrosion damage – staying in as-new condition for years to come.

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Vina Juliette Highball Glass 40cl/400ml (Set of 24)

44.00 Exc Vat

Ideally suited to serving a wide variety of cocktails and juices these Vina Juliette Hiball Tumblers offer incredible versatility.
Crafted from High transparency glass that is laser nucleated and finished with Sheer Rim and Effervescence plus technology, they provide strength and durability, as well as a professional finish and long lasting carbonation.
Thanks to their professional finish and qualities these glasses are perfect for every day use in commercial settings such as restaurants, bars and catering venues.

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Beaumont Optic 35.5ml

9.00 Exc Vat

In a traditional conical shape and with a black finish all over, this spirit optic dispenser by Beaumont features three arms for ease of dispense. A precise 35ml measurement allows you to get your measurements correct every time and save on wastage. Rubber seals allow this item to fit tightly on the bottle neck and stop any spirit escaping when in use.

SKU: 5020229106784 Category:
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Optics Wall Mount Bracket

6.50 Exc Vat

SKU: 5020229100034 Category:
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Cap Box for Wall Mount Beer Bottle Opener

6.50 Exc Vat

Designed for use with the stand-up bottle opener, the handy catcher will store the bottlecaps until you are ready to dispose of them.

SKU: 5020229103882 Category:
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